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The current trend in quiz apps such as HQ Trivia and QuizUp and the perennial popularity of shows such as Jeopardy and the board game Trivial Pursuit, speaks to the popularity of trivia content. Trivia is timeless, cross-cultural, and enjoys a broad demographic appeal. Content is never outdated, and can be re-purposed for multiple uses. Moreover, trivia adds `stickiness` to any web site, thus increasing the time users spend on sites, ad impressions, and buying. Trivia builds brand awareness and loyal users wishing to return to sites for new games, answers and prizes.

For over a decade, we have provided premium trivia content and games to many leading entertainment companies, websites and mobile apps. Our question database contains over 200,000 questions, with 150,000+ edited and fact checked for use in competitive trivia competitions.

We also provide fun facts, quotes, jokes & birthdays etc. for licensing. Our highly organized database allows us to search for any specific type of question content and topics. We have provided question and quiz content to many top brands such as Comcast, Zynga and Midway. We are frequently updating our database with fresh and relevant content across many topics from history to pop-culture and recent events.

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Trivia Group has over 200,000+ trivia questions, fun facts, quotes, jokes & birthdays etc. available for licensing. Our highly organized database allows us to search for any specific type of questions, topics and categories. We are frequently updating our database with fresh and relevant content across many topics from history to pop-culture and recent events. All questions are edited and fact checked and ready for use in any competitive trivia games, mobile apps, video games, print etc.


Our question database is highly organized and we can search for any desired keywords, topics and other criteria (e.g. max character length for mobile apps etc.) to provide you with the exact content you need. Questions are delivered in Excel spreadsheets or CSV text files that can be imported into any structured database.


All our questions are multiple choice with one correct answer and 3 alternate answers. Many questions also have additional factoids/explanations that provide additional educational and entertainment value. Questions meta data also includes ‘difficulty levels’ (based on actual historical data) as well as associated keywords.


Pricing depends on the amount of questions licensed as well as the scope of use. To provide you with a custom quote we will need specific info on content usage, monetization and any other specifications e.g. character length restrictions etc.


  • Premium Trivia Questions
  • Fact Checked & Edited
  • 5 Top Level Categories
  • 50+ Topics
  • Keyword Tags & Searches
  • Mobile Content
  • Custom Questions


  • Turn-Key Trivia Games
  • Co-Branded Games
  • WordPress Plug-Ins
  • Quizzes
  • Mobile Trivia Games
  • Custom Trivia Games


  • Fun Facts
  • Famous Birthdays
  • Today in History
  • Quotes
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  • More…

Benefits of Trivia

Daily Trivia Games


Daily Trivia will increase the number of page views (and ad impressions) on your site. With each 20-question per day game set-up, you can expect at least 42 page views per person per-day. This would multiply with every game category you added. Since Daily Trivia’s design encourages players to come back each and every day you can see how these numbers can really add up.


Demographic information that is collected by Daily Trivia can be very valuable in attracting new advertisers. Since online gaming is a hot Internet segment, advertisers may be attracted to target their game-related ads on your Daily Trivia game.


Additional impressions will translate directly into additional advertising revenue. Not only that, Daily Trivia has an integrated feature that gives players special incentive to click on advertisements instead of simply viewing them. This can help increase your click-through ratio, so that both CPM-based and click-through based advertising models will benefit from Daily Trivia.


Since Daily Trivia encourages users to come back and play every day and fosters friendly competition among players by displaying real-time standings, the game builds an online community and user loyalty to your site. Use links from your Daily Trivia game to drive users to other parts of your site.

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