Trivia Group has over 200,000+ trivia questions, fun facts, quotes, jokes & birthdays etc. available for licensing. Our highly organized database allows us to search for any specific type of questions, topics and categories. We are frequently updating our database with fresh and relevant content across many topics from history to pop-culture and recent events. All questions are edited and fact checked and ready for use in any competitive trivia games, mobile apps, video games, print etc.


Our question database is highly organized and we can search for any desired keywords, topics and other criteria (e.g. max character length for mobile apps etc.) to provide you with the exact content you need. Questions are delivered in Excel spreadsheets or CSV text files that can be imported into any structured database.


All our questions are multiple choice with one correct answer and 3 alternate answers. Many questions also have additional factoids/explanations that provide additional educational and entertainment value. Questions meta data also includes ‘difficulty levels’ (based on actual historical data) as well as associated keywords.


Pricing depends on the amount of questions licensed as well as the scope of use. To provide you with a custom quote we will need specific info on content usage, monetization and any other specifications e.g. character length restrictions etc.


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