Trivia Content Format

Trivia Content Format

We have a database of over 150,000+ premium questions. All premium questions have been edited and fact checked by our editors for quality assurance. These questions are ready to be used in competitive trivia games. We’ve provided quality trivia content for over 20 years to clients such as Comcast, Zynga and Midway for a variety of applications such as websites, video games, mobile apps etc.

Premium questions are categorized in main categories, and sub-categories. Each question has 4 multiple choice answers and many have interesting explanations or factoids. Questions are further tagged and can also be selected by keywords and/or sub- topics (e.g. science, geography, animals, popculture etc.).

To provide you with a custom quote we will need specific info on usage scope and any other specifications e.g. character length restrictions etc.

There is also an option to partner on a revenue share basis where we provide access top our entire DB through a JSON based Trivia API. This would need to be discussed in more detail.

Content is delivered in Excel and/or CSV format which can be imported into any structured database.